10 foot solid Birdview

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May 9, 2016
Edmond, OK
My father has a 10 foot BirdView solid (not panel) satellite dish with heavy duty mount he would like to have go to someone who would use it. He removed and stored the linear actuator for safe keeping, so it is not shown on the photo. Worked great the last time it was hooked up. No dents due to being very heavy duty spun aluminum.

Located in Pueblo, CO.

Ping me for contact info. Thanks!

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h t t p : / / gotcomm .com/photos/d/7858-1/Dish1.jpg
h t t p : / / gotcomm .com/photos/d/7861-1/Dish2.jpg


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Dec 25, 2007
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hallkbrdz, thank you for offering this dish here on Sat Guys, I sure hope it finds a good home.

Could you ask your father to measure the reflector? The vast majority of the BVs I have seen are 8'-6 in diameter but their literature mentioned a 9'-6 solid aluminum version also.

I have only seen one verified 9'-6 BV reflector in my searching but there is probably more around.

I have never seen a linear-actuated mount quite like that either, but it looks like that reflector will bolt right onto a standard BV H-H mount.

Way too far for me...maybe pendragon could get there, I believe he is in Denver?


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Aug 9, 2004
:welcome to SatelliteGuys hallkbrdz !!!

Thanks for posting this here. Hopefully someone will be live close by. That is a good looking dish. I too am curious of the size.
FaT Air is right, this is a great hobby! You might want to use it for yourself. :)
If not though, thanks for the offer.


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Oct 13, 2007
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That's an original Brdview MANUAL mount. We had some we upgraded in the mid 80's when I sold Birdview in Mid Michigan. Back then, those mounts started piling up in the garage in back of our showroom.

I wish I was closer! I'd make a vacation of that trip....even rent something to bring it to Michigan! It needs a good home. Probably the nosecone electronics
are the original BV LNA, not LNB....as I recall they were a bit more bulky...but had the same mount as the later 20/20 model LNB, and eventually the upgraded "High Block" LNBs, designed to work with any IRD of the day. Of course now, you need to mill out the scalar to add a modern LNB...but many here have done that, including me. (with some help.)


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May 9, 2016
Edmond, OK
Yes, it's a 9'-6 solid aluminum dish. Radio's comment that it was originally a manual that was upgraded makes sense, as they moved from another subdivision to there in '87. I hooked up the controller at the time, and it was used for many years (I'm pretty sure it was just C band). Dad still has the original controllers as well as the heavy duty coax he pulled out of the pipe to the house.

I actually moved a dish to my house in Fountain around '93 and used it for several years. The most interesting thing I watched on my dads dish was the '89 SF earthquake coverage. I found a local SF station up-linking live helicopter shots over the dish after flipping around OTA broadcast "news" with Dan Blather going on an on while eventually looking at a Rand McNally car map to try and figure it out what got hit... :)
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