101W 7.5' dish to get Hartland. Looking to get more signal

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  1. Central NY 101W 7.5' dish Titanium dual output LNB
    60 Quality on a X2 receiver
    Hartland East TV
    Was getting it on 83W till get it went dark OK
    Now it breaks up from time to time.
    Moved the dish and LNB around but made little difference.

    Is it time for a 10'?
  3. YES!
  4. Ken i live in California and with my 7 1/2' wineguard heartland east locks in solid. I would also like a 10' but I have to say my 7 1/2' does a great job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a 7 1/2' . To be honest I'm not missing much of anything.
  5. I used to watch the Luken channels with a 6' dish no problem on 83W and even several years ago when they were on 87W. But since the change over, a few weeks ago to 101W they are not strong enough. Apparently the 6' dish can't separate the 3900 TP from 99W.

    I just watch on the 10' since it's normally parked there anyway.
  6. I have a 10' that has some damage. I need to start working on it and see what it can do. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Ripped mesh can be sewn up with picture hanging wire. Bent/dented mesh, can be flattened with a body hammer and a block held on the other side. Bent frame is a little harder, but a metal press can be your best bet there.

  8. here in NM, 101w is my hardest satellite to get on my 7.5 dish with 127w being 2nd. I do get the Luken mux quite well at 101w. I have trouble with the 4180 mux. Decades, Heroes all come in great too. I just did buy a 10 ft dish with this satellite being one of the reasons why.
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