24 Day 6

2-hour Season Opener tonight at 8pm ET!
Will have to DVR it, as it overlaps with Rome... :(
Well its an hour into it, and is great so far.
Watching it now -- always challenging to figure out all the new faces and new roles; particularly since they killed off half the cast last year! :D
Excellent start to the season. I hear that tomorrow should be even better! Yes, 2 more hours on Monday; gonna make the DVR scheduling busy!

I am hoping that Jack isn't on the "outside" for the entire season, like he has been for the past several. But he probably will be... :D

Also interesting getting used to Peter MacNichol in a role other than a physics geek!
Here's the best part -- 2 more hours today; then 20 more epsiodes to go! Figure one or two two-part weeks; and we have anywhere from 16 - 20 weeks of 24! :hungry: :hungry: :hungry:
Wow! Very happy with the 1st night! Tonight should be great! I won't be home till about 8:45 so at least I'll be able to zap through the commercials. Looked great in OTA HD!

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