25,000 VOOM Subscribers by 5/31/04

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For those that were not in our chat tonight, it was quite an interested chat with Q/A and we had VOOM installers and a VOOM CSR. From the chat, it was mentioned from an official document that VOOM is projecting 25,000 subscribers by 5/31/04. I do not remember from which date it was the starting point but I think it was from 3/21 or 3/24 to 5/31/04.

This is great news and it is based only on the $0 down entry without a national add campaign yet in place... The information should be credited to someone in our forum but I do not know whether it is prudent to do so since I do not know if he wants to have his name attach to this public information.

Anyway it is moving in the right direction...
Great to hear. No matter whether you like VOOM or not, if VOOM does well it should help push the industry in the right direction and should benefit all HD enthusiasts.
I Think It's Great. VOOM Is The Best Thing To Happen To TV Since Cable Was Introduced
In The 70's
Scott Greczkowski said:
VOOM is well on the way, I hear now they are getting OVER 200 orders a day for service.

The good and the bad of it though.. When I signed up for Voom, my hold time when I called was 2min, same when I used to have a problem.. I called yesterday to inquire about the PLayboy HD channel and my hold time was 18minutes :(

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