303 Sports Alt. Now ESPN U?

James Long

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Oct 24, 2003
Michiana: South of the Border
danielle_s said:
I predict that there is now 47,005+ subs and over 6,050+ waiting to be installed.
Really? That would come down to 40,955 installed.
The anonymous report Voomers have been quoting said 46,262 with 5,622 waiting - for an installed base of 40,640 ... your prediction works out to 315 installs in about 12 days (assuming 0 loss of subscribers).
At that rate, it will take Voom 230 days to install the 6,050 you predict are waiting. Or until about October 28th.

It's nice that you're predicting 743 signups in the 12 days, but the install rate has to go up considerably! :D