36" dish and a hh90 motor!

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Oct 7, 2006
I have a fortec 36" dish and a hh90 motor I am tring to install it and the elevation is 38 degrees lat and 97 degrees long I need to know what the elevation is for where I am at I 'm in Fort Worth Texas.
Ok, kewl...I'll get you that in a second, but first to tell you that your true south sat will be 97 West IA5. Standby


Elevation should be 39.7 according to Sadoun's calculator. Got a zip code? That pinpoints it better.
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dish elevation is 39.7
motor elevation is 38 (same as your latitude) If there is no Latitude marking, then its 52 (90-latitude)
I would say you're extremly lucky to be where you are. 97 west has a lot of live transponders and will work great for tweaking your motorized setup. Good luck. Once it's in place, you'll track the arc with no problem. If you have trees, I feel for ya. I have too many in my yard.
Thanks for the adjustments for the satellite and I got one satellite track which is satcom c3/c. and I need to know what is the signal strength for the best quality picture. and what is the satellite name I need to track for the 180 due south for the motor which will line up with the rest of the satellites. On the satellite that I have track I have any were between a 30 to 40 % of the quailty but not getting
the program.
IA-5 @ 97ºw is your TRUE South Satellite!

 Fort Worth, TX.
          Latitude 32° 54.060'N Longitude 97° 19.962'W

                       Sat Name Sat Lng Az(t) Az(m)    El  Skew

                           IA-5   97.0W 179.4 174.0  51.7  -0.5

        Satellite Finder is (c) Copyright 2004, P. Lutus
How do I know which one is the IA-5 because on the box of the pansat 2700 a there is no IA-5 listed they have a t-5c listed and a t-5ku listed which one do I need.with the elevation I have now how would I know if its getting the rest of the satellites.the elevayions that I have the dish elevation is set at 39.7 and the motor elevation is at 38. and I am getting atlest one satellite but its does not have a strong signal strength.The satellite that I am getting is the Satcom-c3/c.
when I'm tracking the IA-5 satellite do I turn the dish to the left or to the right.
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IA-5 at 97w is at your true south, so the dish should be facing due south. Satellites like 101w, 123w, etc., are west of your position and therefore your dish will face southwest when aimed at them. Satellites like 93w, 89w, 79w, etc., are east of your position and your dish will face southeast when aimed at them.
Is the IA-5 satellite the one for the motor or is it another satellite.
what is the elevation for the motor and the dish for this satellite I need to track in the fort worth texas area.
IA-5 is the satellite that is parked closest to your longitude. The longitude of Fort Worth is 97.3w, and IA-5 is parked at 97w. So IA-5 is the closest to directly south of your position. When aiming a motorized dish, you aim it for the satellite that is directly south of you when the motor is at '0', since the southern most satellite is highest in the sky.

As for your dish and motor elevation settings, the motor elevation will always be your latitude, which is 32.7 in your case. The dish elevation is 39.7. Once you set the motor elevation at your latitude (32.7), lock it down and don't touch it. You can adjust your dish elevation slightly for a good signal.

Motorized dish calculator: http://www.sadoun.com/Sat/Installation/STAB-Installation-Angles.htm
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When I track the IA-5 satellite do I turn the dish slightly to the right or to the left
IA-5 is due south of you. If you see a DirecTV or Dish Network dish in your area, your dish, when aimed at IA-5, will be facing slightly left (east) of the direction the DirecTV or Dishnet dish is facing.

Hope that helps :)
When I go to due south at 180 I have the dish elevation at 39.7 and the motor elevation is at 38 and when I turn the dish to get the IA-5 satellite I am not pickin up the signal my zip code is fort worth tx 76119 on the compass between 150 and 180 is the satellite between these two. Is the IA-5 satellite the one I need to Track before I hook up the motor for the other satellites.
According to your zip code (76119), you're in Ft. Worth Texas. That means your latitude is 32.7 and your longitude is 97.3. That being said, your motor should be set to 32.7 and not 38. You do have your TS satellite correct, IA5 at 97.0w. Whatever your magnetic deviation is, you need to subtract it from 180. For example, if it's -6, your compass reading will be 174.

When I track the IA-5 which is due south and I have to subtract what Number do I subtract from 180.
frankjb02 said:
When I track the IA-5 which is due south and I have to subtract what Number do I subtract from 180.
Yes, if that's the correct deviation for Fort Worth. I was guessing with the -6, hopefully you know the correct deviation. Whatever it is, subtract that from 180.

If you have your motor elevation dead on and your dish elevation close, you should be able to pan the whole dish/motor assembly left and right (SLOWLY) until you see quality on a live transponder on your receiver. That's the easiest way to set your azimuth properly.
I was wondering if the IA-5 Satellite a KU-Band or a C-Band or Both.
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