6 New HD Channels Coming to Baltimore on 1/08/08 (1 Viewer)

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Nov 7, 2004
USA, Sci-Fi, and Discovery were added in December. CNN, TLC, and History should be added this week, possibly Tuesday.

Still no new HD channel additions in a while here in Denver, CO. Last channel add that I recall was back around in October and that was TBS-HD. I only bothered to watch that for the MLB playoffs and I doubt that they would've added it had our team not been in the playoffs. I have a lot of patience but I'm beginning to think about having satellite installed. I originally went with Comcast because apartment management did not allow satellite installs on the roof and for my current apartment it is the only place it can be installed. Management has changed recently however and the new management will allow for it. I'll give Comcast a few more months and if I still don't see any new HD channel additions in my area then I'll start looking at satellite alternatives. Oh and for those wondering my current HD channel lineup is:

HD locals (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc)
Altitude (not always in HD and not for all games)
National Geographic
Universal HD
Versus HD
Discovery HD Theater
Premium Movie channels (I sub to HBO & Starz atm)

Little bit of a meager offering when it comes to HD if you ask me. And I'm on a pretty up to date system all of the channels that are available are available via digital simulcast.
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Marcus Carr

SatelliteGuys Guru
Apr 10, 2006
Baltimore City, MD
It's now FEBRUARY. So where are CNN, History, and TLC for Baltimore?:mad:

I called customer service. The CSR said the channels would be added in the first quarter and they were "not available on the system yet". She said it was "up to CNN", whatever the hell that means. Of coure they were right on time with the rate increase.:rolleyes:
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Marcus Carr

SatelliteGuys Guru
Apr 10, 2006
Baltimore City, MD
Here's the LATEST date for the new channels according to a postcard I got: April 9.

CNN HD, channel 234
History HD, channel 237
TLC HD, channel 240

SD channels:
Fuse, channel 148
IFC, channel 164
ION Life, channel 285

Digital converter now required:
ION, channel 20/286
CMT, channel 52/146
G4, channel 62/162
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