ABC Finals last night


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Feb 25, 2004
Did anyone notice while watching the finals last night that the camera's would go out of focus every now and then??

Please tell me someone saw the same thing.
That was my first ever HD program, as Voom just got installed last night. I noticed the same thing. I thought it was my reception from the antenna as I was having issues during the installation. It was pretty infrequent though.
It's the nature of HD shooting...
HD is so sharp that minimum out of focus looks major. Fine focus is critical to any HD broadcast that cameramen have to be quick with their focus control.
It's not a Voom or ABC issue, it's a matter of the camera operator being in focus before the director punches up his camera and when it's a live event, soft focus sometimes is inevitable...but on HD, it's more noticeable!
Why no DD5.1 on this either? I've seen some college games last year with DD5.1 and it made a huge difference.
Anyone notice the flashes? Are HD cameras more sensitive to camera flashes in the crowd? It looked pretty extreme in both HD and SD. Everytime there was a flash from a still camera the video would flash. It got pretty annoying for me when I started to pay attention to it.
I noticed the flashes. It got pretty tiring on my eyes after only a few minutes. That was my first live HD event that I've ever seen but if they're all like that I'm going to have a problem.

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