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Sep 5, 2005
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I need to replace the actuator arm on my dish as the motor in it was completely trashed when I got it (it was free...can't complain). I see that they come in 18" and 24" sizes. How are they measured so I can get the proper size for my dish (8' unimesh)?
For an 8 foot dish you need an 18" actuator a 24" would be overkill.You can get an 18" for about 40.00.
it says in a skyvision magazine to subtract 5 or 6 inches from the length of the shaft tube , just in case you want the same it solid? i have a 24" on a 9 footer because its heavy.
I'm using a 24" one on my not quite 8 foot dish. I think the more important thing to look for is the quality of the arm. There's been several threads on here about what actuator is best. Personally I use a Von Wiese. I got it because Von Wiese has a good repuation and I think it moves in a little finer increments than some of the other arms. 48 pulses per inch vs. 24 or 36. There's also a lot of folks who like Venture arms on here and I've always heard that Thomson Saginaw (don't know about the spelling) are very good. The one brand I've heard conflicting reports on is Superjack.

My superjack is great, but every once in a blue moon I may have to bump it a notch to get a better quality, but otherwise no complaints.
Well I ordered an 18" superjack. Will be nice to not have to go out into the cold to change satellites.
Please reply by conversation.

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