All HD networks on ConUS beam at 129W?

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Jul 15, 2008
I don't even have my FTA system started yet, but I have been looking around trying to find some stuff that would make it worth getting. I found out that on 129W all 4 major networks are available in Mpeg4 8psk format. This MAY help sway my decision, so what is 8psk, and which recievers do it? I am only looking at spending $80-$100 on a receiver, but if spending a little more would open up a bunch of channels, maybe something with S2, I may be willing to do that.
Other than that, what sort of "mainstream" programming can I receive on a FTA system? Even if the channels aren't really "mainstream" I am just wondering if any of them are worth watching besides PBS and the christian networks, I already get all 5 TBN networks OTA, and don't have a need for any more of that type of programming. I like mostly scientific stuff similar to what is on discovery channel. Thanks for any tips and for explaining what S2, Mpeg4, and 8psk are.


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Mar 31, 2008
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There are 2 satellites at 129w. Galaxy 27 has White Springs TV which can be viewed by an FTA system. The other sat is Echostar 5 which carries Dish Network subscription programming. You will need Dish Network equipment and a subscription through them to view those channels. DISH Network -- Home Hope this helps! :D
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May 6, 2005
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DVB-S2 is the new implementation of the DVB standard which uses MPEG-4 to enable equal quality using a lower bitrate (so that programmers can cram even more channels on a single transponder). S2 receivers (for consumers) are still very new, and cost quite a bit (in fact, they are all currently HD receivers as well).

Personally, I wouldn't spend the $400+ on an S2 receiver for a few in-the-clear Dish channels that might scramble at any moment. Dish also uses 8psk Turbo, which is a different modulation from what most of the FTA channels such as the Equity channels will use once they implement the standard.
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