All SD & HD Channels moved to Harmonic Encoder

Well I'm glad SOMETHING is happening although it's difficult to figure out and the whole situation is bizarre. But I'm loving it. More power to Chuck to get this thing done.
Would pay a lot to be at the Dolan Thanksgiving Dinner this fall with Charles, Tom & James to see what happens. Maybe it should be televised as a PPV event on VOOM!
"why would anyone want to watch porn when they can watch something REALLY titillating!! "

I'm speechless :) Aren't these the same thing? ;)

It may be just me but Piper Perabo in "Coyote Ugly" on USA looks really good right about now.... the PQ I mean :D
All I have to say is way to go voom. Even though the doubts you have prevailed in doing what you do best.

Look for many great years to come

Wishful thinking and hoping
no not yet. It'll be later this year before anything gets broadcasted in mpeg4. Look for all channels to move to rainbow 2 aka AMC 6 before that happens. Sit back and enjoy all channels should be broadcasted better than ever now that they'll all hooked into the new decoders.
I was watching Voom last night, actually early this morning. At about 1:20am central time the picture blacked out twice for a split second each time. It appeared as if someone had thrown 2 switches at Voom. Anyway the PQ immediately improved a whole lot. Maybe this is when they finally switched things over. What I've seen so far today looks good.
This not MPEG-4. The new Harmonic Encoding is better than they were using the moto encoder. This also gives them the ability to upgrade to MPEG-4 since the Harmonic Encoders are upgradeable to MPEG-4. As I said before this important for various other reasons.
program guide

its gone.
voom csr blame it on the download and have sent 3 hits tonight.
the web sites are down too.
no program guide for me tonight. makes TV watching difficult.
used the tech chat line from a link on a previous post to get a hit but still nothing
anyone else guide less?
If you're having problems give a soft reset a try. I had to do that this morning.
jagouar said:
yes PQ seems much better tonight....

I think it is all psychological we could have said VOOM put in new and improved PZQ Encoders today and everyone would come in and go oooh aaaaah it looks so much better.

Discovery Health looked awful tonight, this was the worst I have ever seen it, the Music Choice channels looked better. D-Health was so bad I've seen better PQ on Video Phones.

Did My Part To Help VOOM

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