AM at low power

To minimize the digital sideband is to get rid of IBOC and switch over to MA3 which is much tighter and less extra bandwith spillover.

Of course there will be always clash between analog to analog or analog to digital and digital to digital on nighttime propagation.

Best was is to minimize much as possible by spacing apart geographically and there is no such thing as a perfect system! :)

You are just suspect to mother nature of ionosphere skips conditions!;):hatsoff
Any charts showing the number of AM and FM stations in the US? The number of people covered?

How about how many AM stations with predominantly Music versus “Talk” or “News” or “Other?”
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Unfortunately, they have switched to a type of music that I am not interested in.
Fortunately, if all you're after is the music, there are tens of thousands of streaming stations on the Internet that cover virtually all disciplines. All are MP3 quality or better.
On the subject of digital "hash", I had wondered for some time why I had to turn my portable radio 90 degrees to KNX 1070 Los Angles to minimize the interference. I recently rented a car while mine was in the shop that had HD radio and at night was picking up KRLD 1080 Dallas in HD here in El Paso. I had heard KRLD mention that they were available in HD at the top of the hour but I assumed that were on a sub-channel of some other Dallas FM station.
I am about half way between Dallas and LA. I used to live in the LA area and Dallas is in the state where I live now, so I like to listen to both stations. Yes, I know they are available on the internet, but that is no fun!