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Feb 22, 2006
90 fortec dish
pansat 2500A
standar lnb
im trying to put this bird in my pansat but I dont know how to do it...I read the pansat web and it said I should go to add tp/sat and find new but I don have that please
The one transponder on Amazonas that was aimed at N America got shut down

so there is nothing on Amazonas that we can get except for one data transponder :(
Do a google search for it. It's still online somewhere. I posted the link somewhere on these forums a while back but can't remember where... I think the google search was "black belt tv" in quotes.
master, I think someone posted, back when you asked, that Black Belt TV was on 4dtv. It is, but I've never seen any thing on it, except a promotional for the channel itself. And it don't promote movies, it promotes fights. I've never caught a fight on there, but that doesn't mean they don't have them. The channel has been there for over a year, even longer.

kurtsat said:
If yer from North America.. Unfortunately, there's nothing for you to get.. :(

Really? Maybe then I'm on the right satellite?

On C-band I'm getting about 5 channels...

On Ku there's (2 feeds).

Oh, and I'm in St. Louis. :)

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Echostar 3 is only 0.5º away from Amazonas, in some parts of the country you can pick up circular signals with a linear LNBF
PSB said:
Echostar 3 is only 0.5º away from Amazonas,

Yea, I thought about that... but I didn’t realize that a standard Ku LNB could tune that far out-of-band. The signal quality was around 96-97%, which lead me to think it was H/V polarized rather than L/R.

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