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Sep 18, 2009
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I´ve been watching Telemundo for the last couple of years. At the beginning it was on Amc5 at 11900H 2170, then I understand it was transferred to Amc2 at 11904H 2170. The signal has been very low during the afternoon hours for the last few months.

Recently I read on another site that Amc2 was moving to Europe by October and in a document it mentions all their customers would be moved to other satellites. Coincidently this channel is now being repeated at 87w.

The signal has gotten way better the last couple of weeks at 79W. Lyngsat says that Amc2 is moving and now at 78.9w. Does this mean this channel was transferred back to Amc5 and will be left at 79? Then why the duplicate at 87? Lyngsat does not show this tp on Amc5 or has not been updated. Which bird am I watching right now? Amc5 or Amc2 even though it´s moving away? Do they turn off the signals before moving a bird or do we slowly lose them as they drift away?

Sorry for all these questions. I like to learn how things work and I´m sure there´s folks here who are real experts. Thanks.

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I believe AMC 2 is a Ku only sat, and AMC 5 is C band only. They were just co-located at 79W. Usually they will have the service on the original and new satellite until all their customers get their dishes moved and receive it on the new satellite. They will then normally shut off the original TP. AFAIK, AMC 5 will stay at 79W.
FWIW - AMC 21 is Ku only, co-located at 125W with C band Galaxy 14.


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Dec 1, 2006
Lyngsat says that Amc2 is moving and now at 78.9w. Does this mean this channel was transferred back to Amc5 and will be left at 79?

Until I see the official orbital parameters of AMC-2, I'm not convinced it's moving yet. AMC-5 is still in place as a satellite but I don't think there is current operating authority so SES would have to ask the FCC to allow AMC-5 to be placed back into service if that is what SES wants to do.

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Jan 2, 2006
Wow, that's the first that I heard that KTEL was on 87 too. In fact, I've scanned 87 numerous times and it's never picked it up, not even now that the Openbox has an improved blind scan that finds KTEL on 79 almost 100% of the time. I had to put the transponder in manually, and then it picked it up. I don't understand why it's not finding it on a blind scan, the strength and quality are the same as they are on 79.


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Jan 8, 2005
KTEL is currently on AMC 3. SES Americom is planning to move AMC 2 to 5° East.
They are in the process of moving all customers to other satellites.
AMC 2 is a C/Ku satellite. AMC 5 is a Ku only satellite. AMC 5 is in an inclined orbit and probably won't be around much longer.
If it was in good shape, they wouldn't have needed to move AMC 2 there to replace it.
Perhaps they will move AMC 1 there after SES 3 takes over at 103° West. But I haven't seen anything about that yet.


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Dec 1, 2006
The companies are playing the ol' shell game with the spacecraft again...

It's not a shell game, sat operators are just shuffling assets where there is more demand. If you think the AMC-2 news was something, wait for the bombshell news that should be coming out in the next few weeks...
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