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Jan 5, 2006
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Not that I expect to find much, I did find a Test Card for Dish on 121 Ku Analog.

But I'm not to sure if I'm doing everything right.

Analog Receiver slaved to my Coolsat 5000.
I change Channels on Coolsat to get different polarity while my analog receiver scans.

So far 1 channel found.

I'm still trying to figure out the receiver, manual helps very little.
there's 24/7 color bars on AMC 2 Ku Tr 24 Horizontal 12180 MHz. They are there at this time at 10:12pm PT on Thursday night
G10 Ku Tr 24 12180 MHz Horizontal has the show for the schools on now.
Thanks MIKE and AL , last analog receiver was a birdview for C-band so this is new for me.

I'm trying to get aquainted with my receiver, I remember C-band had 24 channels and alternating polarity.

This receiver is confusing me a little , it scans up to 32 for both V and H on Ku.

So far I have 2 channels tonight , Echostar Test Card on 121, and News Feed on 85 W.
I'm going to try the channels MIke Suggested. Thanks Again
I had no luck with the Ku feeds, either they ended or I have something configured wrong.

Analog Receiver is slaved to FTA STB.
Ku Dish Only ,NO C-band so no need to program Satellite , I just use a Dummy Satellite for all scans.

I leave FTA channel on Vertical Polarity and Check Ku Analog
I do the same on Horizontal Polarity.

Channel Scan On : Goes 1 thru 32 for both V and H
Channel Scan Off : Goes 1-24 something wrong here( have not had luck in this configuration)

I need to play with this receiver some more, different configurations.
I'm beginning to think I would have fared just as well or better with a No Frills Analog receiver.
I don't see that at 6:18am PT time, but the color bars I'm referring too read Echostar Satellite Access Center on Tr 24.

There's a press conference of some kind on Tr 14 horizontal 11980 MHz
Have you tried slaving your fta receiver to your analog receiver? I am not sure if your fta receiver has the ability to switch polarity.

Have you tried slaving your fta receiver to your analog receiver? I am not sure if your fta receiver has the ability to switch polarity.


You're right my FTA receiver does not have the ability to change polarity at least thats not an option, but by changing channels on my FTA to those of H and V , I get same results or in seup screen if I toggle thru Frequecies with H and V that works also.

I can't slave my FTA to my Analog receiver, because and I may be wrong, My motor and LNB is powered by my FTA receiver , now if I had a C/Ku feedhorn on a big dish then yes I do believe that works.

Ok heres what I've figured out, correct me if I'm Wrong
Analog C-band consists of 24 channels (this I know) channels alternating Polarity.
Analog Ku consists of 32 channels and alternating polarity. ?

My Toshiba receiver is set to auto scan, I find it odd but it scans 1-32 both Polarities.
I also find odd that while changing channels , let's say channel 27, I may get same picture of lesser quality on 26 and 28.
Years ago with my C-band dish I had a practical Birdview receiver, no scan just channel up and down and polarity button.

I do get some static (snow) in my channels, I know common with analog but it may be interference from my FTA or other source in house, at least if I power the motor to move I get a pulsating interference on my Tv.

I will play with it some more, I'm used to audio knobs from the old days, I wish this receiver was simpler.
oh yeah and another thing, If given a transponder and frquecy for Ku analog, I'm not sure I know how to read that or how it translate into my settings, what I've been doing is if someone tells me the Satellite and Polarity, I find it.
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