Another Counterfeit Box

Specifications don't matter to the "theft of services" club. They just need to know that they can steal and the tool is cheap.....

Wow... Fast shipping to Brazil or other South American countries....... I wonder why anyone would want a FTA receiver shipped priority to S. America.....:eek:
That article only states that Brazil has banned them? The other countries are listed as "grumbling" about piracy, not a specific box but it's likely that they will follow Brazil's lead.

Paraguay, Uruguay and other nations have also grumbled about piracy.
whats ironic is that the seller for the Ebay listing has been selling those clones for a long time.
Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We have reported this listing as a counterfeit item to eBay who should be taking action very soon.


AzBox Canada

I had already done this when it was first posted for sale on e-bay.
The seller just took it down then re-listed it again.

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