Edision Video stream of HDMI output on Edision OS Mio 4k (or any Enigma2 box?)


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Apr 8, 2014
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Hey guys, been awfully quiet lately. We bought a new house in September 2019 and I am just getting my FTA setup back up and operational. I have been trying to figure out a way to see the output of the receiver's HDMI port including UI from another room. I know I can run an HDMI cable to the other room, or use a wireless HDMI extender. There are also HDMI encoders to generate a network stream. I was just wondering if anyone had figured out a way to get a network stream from the box of the current HDMI output (including UI) without adding additional hardware. I'm aware of streaming individual channels/muxes from the box, but I want to be able to blind scan and stuff like that remotely. The screen grab feature is pretty slow and hard to accomplish this through a web browser.
You can stream your osmio4k over your network using a router and a network attached PC next to your TV. The osmio4k can connect to the router wirelessly or wired. You'll need a wifi card for the PC unless you can do a wired connection to the router. Attach your PC to your remote TV and use Webif and VLC to stream the osmio. You can do your administrative tasks (i.e. blind scan) with Webif. There are fancier/complicated ways of getting this done also. You could use an AndroidTV box to stream to a remote TV and use a web browser on your smartphone to do administrative tasks like blind scan (using Webif), also. Webif, as you've already noted, is slower. If webif is unacceptable then you'll have to use an HDMI extender. I'm not a fan of HDMI extenders though.

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