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Mar 31, 2008
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...has taken a dump! :mad: (I think) ...My 7.5 foot Winegard has a C2 on it, that is shared by my DSR-920 and DSR-4200V. (One output to each receiver, no switches) The first one that went out, the output that feeds the 920 stopped working. This time after replacing it with another one, that's been on the dish maybe a year, the 4200 only gets signal when the 920 is on an even channel on G5. :confused: (The 4200 stays tuned to a mux on G5 that provides a "Choice" of music) Are these C2's just junk, or is something else happening here? What would make the 920 switch the H/V on the OTHER output? Does anybody know of a better LNBF they're using, that may last longer? I do not want to buy another C2, since they only last about a year! :rolleyes:


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Jan 8, 2011
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Sounds like you may have taken a lightning hit on your H/V switch or maybe the LNBF itself. You need to go into the installation menu and change the setting for the LNB type. The setting for H/V is meant for two separate [FONT=&quot][/FONT] LNB's on the dish or a duel feed. LNBF units switch on the voltage going from 18v to 14v to change from H to V. I would bypass the loop and try just one working receiver. See if you get the sane results. Some times after a surge or a lightning hit you can pull out the plug and plug it back in. It may fix it! Sometimes just switching the setting in the installation menu to another LNB type and then back will do it.

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Apr 2, 2007
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I'm running C2s on several of my dishes with good results. The only thing I have noticed is that one of them is getting pretty rusty on the connectors even though it's not exposed to the weather. Apparently that metal isn't plated or treated very well.
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