Any Chance Dish would let us trade in the 811 for the 921?

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Dec 1, 2003
Scott, or anyone who may know.

I was one of the folks that just got tired of waiting for the 921 and ended up getting an 811. However, I am already needing to exchange my 811. (Had it less than 2 weeks) Dish has sent me a new one that is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday 12/23. Apparantly the module for the OTA antenna and channels was no good (so said advanced tech support). With the 921's being available this week, my original receiver already down, and the new one not here yet,

Is there any kind of promotion or money back guarantee that I can use to swap out the 811 for a 921?

I bought the 811 through Dish's exec offices for $199
The 811 is your baby for 12 or 24 months depending on whether you get the $99 install with a 1 year commitment or free install with 2 yr commitment.

Given all of your 811 woes, I would push the issue with an advanced CSR or manager. As long as you BUY the 921 outright as a CASH deal and still commit to at least 1 year of programming, they should be happy.

But that is MY opinion of what would be the right thing to do.
I got my 811 for $149 with NO Committments, so if you got the same deal ,then sell it for a nice profit and wait for the 921
You have a one year commitment of programming since you received the $199 deal but I think you can swap the 811 for a 921 on your account and then you should be able to sell the 811 on Ebay anyway that was the way it worked for someone that received the 6000 that had a one year commitment and then purchased the 811 to replace it. I am still waiting on my 811 and hope I can get the 921 soon. If they will not let you sell the 811 you could always ues it in a bedroom for a year and then sell it.

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