Any market for used C-band equipment? (1 Viewer)

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Stephan Wilkinson

New Member
Apr 16, 2006
I have just switched from C-band to Dish Network and am curious: is there any market for my 10-foot Orbitron dish and its C and Ku-band LNBs, and for a nearly new DSR922 receiver, or is it not worth the trouble? (I'm in New York--Hudson River Valley.)

Stephan Wilkinson
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 21, 2007
There is still a market out there.. although it's not like trying to sell discount crack downtown, you can definitely find buyers if you look around. The dish may not bring you much $$$'s, but you may at least find someone to take it off your hands. The 922, if in working order, should bring you a few $$$'s though.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Nov 23, 2004
Montreal, QC
You will sell the 922 easy, the feed with lnb's also, the dish mite take a while to get rid of unless someone in your area wants it.

Before you get rid of it keep in mind that the movie channels and other programming is cheaper on the 4dtv and the picture and sound quality is best, many people use the big dish for hbo, Sho, Starz and the mini dish or cable for other channels.

Not sure who your provider was but you can look here:

Big dish still has some great a la carte that mite go well with the mini dish, not sure if you ever got into dvb free to air but that would be good to look into, there are hundreds of free channels some mite interest you.

Good info on 4dtv and dvb in the proper dedicated forums here at satguys.


SatelliteGuys Pro
May 14, 2004
Used 922s (Motorola) with the remote & manual usually go for $300 & sometimes up on eBay. Used NorSat Lnbs are still in demand as well.


SatelliteGuys Family
Jan 27, 2007
Northern California
Before you unload everything, you might consider picking up a used HDD-200 or 201 high definition decoder, getting a sub to the C-band digital movie channels (if interested), and you'll get five 1st generation hi def feeds that will look better than from any other source (two HBO, two Starz, one Showtime). If the movies are not really your thing, then best to sell the 922; I believe there is a sort of swap & shop for used BUD items here:
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