any way to control a digital tv box from a computer? (1 Viewer)

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Apr 18, 2006
Just curious. I think I read once that it's possible to control cable via a computer by somehow rigging the remote or something. I currently have one of the cheap magnavox digital tv converter boxes converting signals from my antenna in to a digital signal that's then being fed in to my ati all-in-wonder 9000 pro video card. What I'm wondering about is if it's possible to control the remote or the box somehow so that it can change channels and stuff without manual intervention so that I can use this setup as a high tech vcr or low tech pvr more or less. Also, would it be possible to do something like that and have some software that accepts signals from both the converter box being fed to the all in wonder over composite cables and also take in signals from the usb dvb world box? I mainly use nextorm software that came with the usb box for fta, but I'd be willing to try some other software if it is free and can take signals from both the ota and fta.
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