Anybody still use this old 1990 Large Dish


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Jul 6, 2004

Just picked this out and am very interested in learning the tech.
Here it is
Satellite Receiver SR-3
Quartz synthesized
Microprocessor receiver
Model SR-3
Rating AC117V
Frequency 60Hz

Satellite Descrambler 2100E
General Instument
Videocipher II
A/N A04038A67
Model VC 2100E

Any comments good, bad or other wise will be appriciated.
I will be setting this up, but need some help!!!!
That is so old it almost qualifies as an antique. It was great equipment when it was new but it is like a Model T compared to a DirecTiVo HD receiver. Have fun playing with it but don't spend much money on it.
I don't think the Videocipher II data stream is supported anymore. You would have to get a Videocipher II+ which would cost a couple of hundred dollars. The receiver I know nothing about.

My C-band receiver just died in June and I switched to Dish Network because it was going to cost me way to much money to upgrade my receiver.
W4WMM said:
I have a question if anyone's reading this thread. Can I convert my C-band dish to a DBS dish? Is it worth the trouble? My interest got spurred when I saw this in a catalog.
The one I bought from them didn't work very well I had to move the dish for each satellite the 10' dish had to narrow a focus. Small dish worked far more reliably.

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