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Feb 24, 2007
101w up north.
ive never seen one north of the border. but 45 hours of driving is even to crazy for me. cant believe he is throwing in a 4dtv reciever for free if you use buy it now. haha. 95 bucks is cheap for the 4d alone. i hope it finds a good home.

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Sep 22, 2005
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- warning, Will Robinson:

Not to be a kill-joy, but anyone interested in this perforated dish should get a good education and not assume it's the same as discussed here on the forum.
All Birdviews are not created equal.

Linuxman and several others have black perforated Birdviews about the same 8½ foot size as the white solid ones which are so popular.
The company called these 9', which they are not.

The Birdview brochure we have, describes 9' solid, and then 8' perf, 9' perf, & 10' perf.
You can take ½ foot off each for their proper size.

So, if the seller calls this a 7½ dish, then it's one foot smaller than the dishes so many of us have.
Take that into consideration.
Probably still a fine dish, but not the same.

THEN, there's the mount!
That is not a Birdview motorized horizon-to-horizon mount!
All us other Birdview owners have something quite different.

So, while I wouldn't try to talk anyone out of this dish, in the interest of full disclosure, just be aware of what you are getting.

ALSO, it'd be a bear to mount this on other than the 6" tube it comes with.
So, I'd strongly suggest you at least cut off what's there, at ground level.
It's moderately thin wall tubing, not pipe, so that should be no problem.

The mount bolts to a plate welded into the top of the pole/tube.
So, without the top of the tube, you'd have nothing to tie the mount to.
You'll need a wrench that'll fit an inch and eighth head, to remove it.
(I am pretty sure it wasn't 1¼", but double check)
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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
wrong motor on Birdview?

Okay, this dish sold for $75. Hope no scrap dealer paid that for it. :(

Below is the original picture ('cause it'll disappear from eBay) along with an archive picture of a BV solid with a similar motor adaptation.
I'm thinking maybe it's factory, but that's up for discussion.
The VW version of the BV, maybe? ;)

note: little 7½' on the left is a perf; the white solid on the right only came in one size - 8½'
hey! that's not a Birdview nose cone on the perf, either!


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