Apple, Google Collect User Data


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Apr 16, 2007
if u "opt out" will many popular features cease to work? probably
Tracing probably... What other "popular features"?
Having working GPS/3G does NOT mean recording/reporting the handsets position.

Regardless, I believe the option should be there.
Using a smartphone should not be synonymous to 24/7 surveillance.
With unspecified list of people having access to that material. Plus hackers...

The fact that Apple responded only now - and not in September when first disclosed - when the
US government started voicing concerns is enough reason to believe it was not just "bad judgement" IMHO...



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Apr 16, 2007
The funny version
Alt Text: Sneaky Smartphones Track Stupid Users | Underwire |
Q: Why is everyone so concerned about this?
A: Ignorance. Ignorance and stupidity.... Our customers are a bunch of idiots who get excited over nothing, and we’ll have to live with that.
Q: Why does my phone track its location even if I check “Do not track this phone’s location” in the system settings?
A: That is a bug. That option should read, “Check this box if you like peppermint candies.




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Apr 14, 2006
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mperdue said:
FWIW, iOS 4.3.3 has been released to fix these issues.

Yeah, installed it the other day. I don't care if it has a weeks worth of data on it, the location services are useful. But keeping unlimited data and transferring it to the computer was not acceptable. Glad they fixed it.

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