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Dec 4, 2003
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What's up with the arcade spanning multiple pages now? I realize that there have been a bunch of new games lately (Seal bounce being the best IMHO) but it was nice being able to quickly see what all games were out there. If we are forced to go with multiple pages, can they at least be grouped with similar games (Seal games together, soccer games together, strategy-type games togehter, etc).
With over 50 games available it was getting kind of crowded in there. This update was an update to the entire Arcade program. I would actually like them to be grouped as well, but I didn't write the software.

I understand that the author is working on something better. :)

With that said there is an easy way to find the game you are looking for, in the main navigation bar at the top, click on SEARCH and you will notice there is a new search "Arcade Game Search" here you can enter a game name or part of a game name and you will be taken to that game. :)

Tommorow I will be adding a patch which will allow you to change the size of the games screens.

I am proud of our arcade, many users play in it daily. We are definately working to make sure that we keep it fresh, fun and state of the art. :D
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