Are both lines required when using a multiswitch?


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Jul 21, 2004
I am trying to split my dual lnb. currently have 2 receivers running in two different rooms. I am trying to just gain one more line to connect to a new tivo receiver running in a different room. I bought a Dynex 3 x 4 DSS Satellite TV Multi-Switch from Best Buy. What I tried was running one of the lines into the multiswitch in the hopes that i could then have 2 outputs from it. It haven't been able to get that to work. Is it required that I have both lines running into the multiswitch for it to work? Is there anything else I would need?

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thanks and one more thought

thanks for the response. I had one more question regarding this. If I get the multiswitch to work I'll gain to extra lines. the tivo receiver I have has dual inputs so that you can record 2 shows at once. My question is can I run both of the new lines into the new receiver. I am assuming this would be ok, since people run them to 4 seperate tv's when using this method.

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Dynex 3 x 4 DSS Satellite TV Multi-Switch

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Quick question.

I have a similar dilemma. I recently purchased the same Multi-Switch from Best Buy. I have two Hughes branded Tivo receivers. One is HD and the other is not. I am running two lines from a triple LNB into the multi-switch (leaving two outputs open at this point). When connected directly to the multi-switch both Tivos experience difficulty locating 1 or more of the three birds. Last night I purchased RCA Satellite/TV Antenna Diplexers from Radio Shack. It was still hit and miss on locating the satellites. When it finally passed through I could ONLY receive High Definition channels and the Tivo couldn’t find a signal for the rest of the channels. Do I need Dinex diplexers? Please advise. I have a Tivo sitting idle!


Thanks for the reply. Does that mean I need a 8X5 instead of a 3X4?

If so, I have a bit of a dilema. The Rhode scholars at my apartment complex put me in a unit on the SW side when I asked for an apartment with a SE view. I've had to run cable around the exterior from my neighbors porch on the other side of the building. Any thoughts on how I can setup a multi-switch and run four in two cables and slit them out right before I plug them into the Tivos? Is this possible? Or am I stuck running all four into the multiswitch and four out from the multiswitch?

Also, why does the satelitte work with only two connections directly to a single Tivo? Pardon my ignorance and thanks for the help.


Current setup.

1 - 3LNB Satelitte
1 - Dynex 3 x 4 DSS Satellite TV Multi-Switch
1 - Hughes TIVO DVR
1 - Hughes HD TIVO DVR
1 - RCA Direct TV Receiver (optional: future use)

Where have I go wrong?
If you are using a Triple LNBF dish (18x20), it has a built in Multi Switch... If you run that to another multiswitch then you confuse the other multiswitch... IT WONT WORK!

I read that you have just 2 TIVO's, then you run 4 lines off the LNBF to ground Blocks, then the two lines to each TIVO... ( ADDED: You don't need the x-tra Multiswitch if you are using just 2 tivo's) The Diplexers are used ONLY if you are receving signal from Off Air Antenea or cable... There are diagram pics elsewhere on this board, ( do a search of my past posts )

If you have more receivers in addition to the TIVO's , you will need a 5x8 powered Multiswitch... this allows both Multiswitches to work together, and you will have up to 8 lines available ( 2 per TIVO, and 4 extra for other receivers, if needed)

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Thanks for the explanation. I do have one additional receiver, but it is currently running off a separate satelitte. That needs to be addressed, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

Due to the length of the run (ie. around the ENTIRE apartment building), I will likely have to wait on setting up the second TIVO). Oh well.

Thanks for your help.

Problem with HDTV unit

Here's my setup:

1 DirecTV HDTV dish pointed at 3 satellites connected to:

1 HDTV TiVo DirecTV receiver (two inputs)
1 regular Tivo/DirecTV receiver (two inputs)
1 regular directv receiver (one input)

through a Dynex 5x8 switch after the multiswitch built-in to the satellite dish...

However, I can't get good signal on all of the tranpsponders on all of the satellites. I have four coax cables from the satellite plugged into the inputs of the switch and then 5 outputs from the switch to the receivers listed above...

Any suggestions or what am I doing wrong? Will a regular 5x8 Dynex multiswitch work for HDTV? Or is that the issue?

To cmnauman:

Since some of the transponder signals are weak it sounds like you need to adjust your dish to a more optimum location.

The type of multiswitch will not matter to the HDTV signal.

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