AT&T DTV Strikes again / Screwed up many Fox Sports Networks with loop hiccup stutter / It's back working again (1 Viewer)

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Sep 28, 2004
Just watching postgame shows for NBA on various Fox Sports Nets on DTV.

All of a sudden it's stuck in a hiccup loop of a split second.
Never has seen anything like this with DTV all many if not all the Fox Sports Nets
at the same time. Like a light switch just turned on and they all got stuck in a stutter that was
just repeated like a super fast hiccup loop.

BTW, no bad weather and no pixelation just a video second that got stuck in repeat of that split second.

Checked many channels, 660-1, 675, 671-4, 683-1 all were doing this.

Rebooted both HR-24's that were fine before this.

And upon rebooting both were still doing this.

Then ATT DTV got their screwup and fixed the channels.

Wasn't recording so not sure if recordings would be lost or screwed up.

But the live channels were a mess.

Never have seen this before.

Didn't check other channels before rebooting like ABC , ESPN, CBS , etc.

But now all channels are working.

Thanks AT&T for screwing up my viewing experience.
What a bunch of inept idiots this company seems to be turning into.

DTV used to be the GOLD standand but post AT&T they're hitting bottom fast.

This occured in the past hour btw. Friday evening.

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