AT&T & iPhone 5 upgrade


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Jul 20, 2005
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First, you won't be using that old SIM card from your old iPhone.

Next, it won't work as a phone. After following Apple's instructions to activate, register, spindle, fold & mutilate it, you'll see "no service." You might then ask Siri about this. Waste not thy time. After you Google how to fix this and follow the incorrect instructions, you might want to call AT&T. This is best done from another AT&T cell phone. Siri's cousin, Zug, will ask you for the cell # in question, and actually ask if you want to activate the iPhone they see they recently sent you. AFTER answering a few questions, including the last four that by now EVERYBODY knows, and what did "Rosebud" mean, you will be told to turn off your shiny new phone for at least 5 minutes, then turn it back on, erasing all unheard voice mails. And, oh by the way, you old phone no longer works.

All in all, not bad. ;)

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