AT&T Plans to End Their Satellite DIRECTV & Focus on Streaming


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Jul 20, 2006
Northwest Alabama
I have had the Roku since early 2014 just after Charter offered high speed out here. It was and is a nice "add on" to get programming not available elsewhere, but it does not replace Dish. The apps are nice with the Dish subscription, as it adds on demand for me only having the vip211k. Streaming still has a ways to go. Not enough channels and not all of the networks.
I do some streaming now with my 4.0Mbps DSL, it actually works quite well surprisingly.

I am due to have 1Gbps fiber installed, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

I plan to keep my satellite as well, and just supplement with perhaps some more streaming than I am able to do now.

What will be nice will be the ability to use the On Demand feature the way it is intended, to be able to watch instantly rather than having to wait like I do now.

I do Netflix and Amazon Prime mainly. A few of the streaming apps from the various cable networks.

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