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Ok, I do have an antenna outside on my roof and it works fine. The problem is there's not a whole lot left of it (damaged due to weather). In fact, it's less than half the size it was originally but I still get 90% to 100% without a preamp. My local stations have finalized their antennas for digital broadcast, and I would like to have an antenna in my attic that I don't need to replace every couple of years due to weather damage.

I am extremely close to the towers (10 or 15 miles away). Only problem is, they are in three different directions. Now I do have a CM4228 and CM7777 preamp in my attic...and it does well to pick up non-local channels (ie. Waterloo/Cedar Rapids) during summer months. :up But, I cannot pick up KSMQ (digital channel 20) even though I can pick up KTTC (36) & KXLT (46) which broadcast from the same tower. KAAL (33) is poor (it's that channel to the west of my location). I am wondering if the preamp (CM7777) is overkill, or if this will even be possible with the CM4228.

I was eyeing an RCA ANT806 (Walmart or which is an indoor 18dB antenna. Was thinking I could slap this up at the highest point in my attic.

In most cases I will have one TV off this antenna. But should plan on splitting it between four TVs (or digital receivers). I know the attic will kill my signal by about -15 dB, and splitting (length of cable & balun) will cost me another -5 dB. I probably could get a simple indoor antenna and just adjust it manually but my TV is in my basement, thus the reason why I want an antenna in the attic (aside from having to replace my outdoor one every 2 to 3 years).

Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated!


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Go with one of the newer winegard antennas that have the digital spectrum ie Winegard HD 7694P High Definition VHF/UHF HDHD769 Series Antenna (HD7694P)

This antenna will stand up to the elements outside and will do the whole spectrum. My parents have a 30 yr old winegard on a tower and it performs well.


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At your distance, you probably have no need for an amplifier. You're likely over-loading the receiver and that's why you can't tune those channels. Bypass it (or turn it off ?) and try them again.


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May 12, 2008
I'm replying on behalf of KSMQ and the only thing I can think of that will answer the question as to why you are not receiving our digital signal is that we have not yet had the clearance from the FCC to boost our signal from Low Power. We have the technology in place and are ready to make the signal boost, but we are awaiting final clearance and paperwork from the FCC for this. We are anticipating this happening in the next month or so.

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May 16, 2008
Since you are wanting to receive signals from several different directions, you may want to consider an omnidirectional antenna(no need to rotate). I am looking at the Winegard MS2000 model, but since you are so close to the towers you probably don't want to plug in the pre-amp.


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I have one antenna in the attic and a CM4228 outside.

When it rains or the humidity is very high (not too often in Lubbock) the antenna in the attic tends to pick up more multi-path and I experience more dropouts.

I am looking at ways to move the attic antenna outside but it is located in the absolute center of a 2400 square ft roof and it has only a 4-5 ft peak making it diffficult to access the interior of the eaves to run cable. Probably use a vent pipe hole to run cable and mount antenna on vent pipe (heavy steel pipes).


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I apologize for not replying sooner, just never got an opportunity to try anything until this weekend.

First, I want to thank everyone who replied! I really appreciate all the comments...I tried many options. What it came down to, was this weekend (Saturday) was very windy so I took the opportunity to finally get this project done! After about 30+ minutes of going up & down, I decided to take my laptop, HD USB stick (which allows a component connection) and digital converter box up into the attic. I could not find a solution that would work using the CM4228. I could get a low signal in the attic, but when I tried my HD receiver or splitting the signal into four (for more than one TV) I would lose a channel or two. So I was able to use an older antenna (essentially the remaining UHF section of a former outside antenna). No preamp, but did add a line-amp/booster to improve the signal at the end of the run. It's been working great for two days now. And, I removed my outside antenna. :)

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