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Mar 14, 2004
Anyone else have this problem?

I am using an Optical out for the audio connection...........

About every fourth channel change I will switch to a channel and get no audio. I have to switch the channel a couple of times then the audio will come back? I have no problems once the audio starts playing.


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Feb 20, 2004
Houston I have an Audio Problem : I use the DVI with the Coax hook up for Voom and use Component and Optical hook up for D*....The sound is not good on the Voom box ....I have a new Harmon Kardon DPR 1001 reciever....I seem to have sound problem with V* ....It seems that I get sound from the Center speaker the most and the Surround some to none coming out of it....I keep having to adjust the volume to make it sound ok but not real good...I do have some audio drop outs and change channel and back to correct it but this week end I noticed some real bad noise on some channels ( don't recall which ones ) it was so bad I had to change channel altogether...I was wondering if any one else is having sound issues???

Now on the commerical Voom when it comes on it is perfect ....sound to all speakers but when it goes to the program at hand the sound needs to be tweak but it still don't sound as good as D* reciever ....I have no problems....I have tried to set the V* box on Digtal and Pcm both seem to have a problem.... Does anyone know if the s/n in the set up menu means I have a problem if it reads Sat 95 / s/n 24 on OTA 54 / 12 s/n ....The OTA channels sound fine it seems that the problem is in the Sat channels.....Can someone please respond to my problem and please give me a solution if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HD=Voom


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Feb 18, 2004
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neo0285 said:
its a known problem, i think everybody is experiencing this problem.

Probably not everybody. I must say that I haven't experienced this problem. I also use optical.


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Nov 6, 2003
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I have no audio issues, using optical into an older Yamaha HT receiver. Sheryl Crow rocked and thumped last night, all speakers firing on full thrusters.

One day I tuned into MonsterHD and there was no sound at all. I tried tuning in several times and still no sound, that was the only sound issue I've had.

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