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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I just got installed today, so forgive me for a dumb question...

When I first got installed my audio was ok, although every once in awhile I heard some slight clicks from my speakers.

I went out and left the TV, Audio Receiver and VOOM boxes on.

When I came back the audio was all messed up like I was listening to a scrambled MP3.

I went into the setting and adjusted it from Dolby Digital to PCM and the sound was fine.

Now I am watching and I am losing audio for 20 to 30 seconds at a time.

I am listening on a Denon 3802 Receiver using the optical connection.

If there something wrong with my box?? This is the same Digital Audio cable I use with my 921 and I have had no problems with the audio using this cable on the other boxes.

Any ideas?
Which channel are you watching right now? HDnews has that problem...Let me know so that I can check here.
Scott : What did you do to fix your problem...This is what my Harmon Kardon 1001 is doing and making the same noise and audio drops....Please respond to what you did !
I have been trying to solve this problem .....Bob in Houston
I tried again last night around 7 to 8 pm...I left mine in the pcm setup and changed to every channel sd and hd to see if the sound would flexiate...I noticed better sound then I had over the weekend....But when I went to the Ultra channel the sound dropped with a loud funny noise with no picture..I channel to the next channel and back the sound and video came on.....After going thru all the channels slowly I hit the Voom button and Lock up occured..I rebooted the STB and it was back to normal four minutes to get the PG back up....I changed a few more channels only two to three and it Lock up again....Only 3 Lockups since the new s/w 5.58....After the next reboot I watched the OTA NBC Miss America and seems that the sound is OK for now...I still have mine hooked up with the coax and the optical with the D* box . I will keep you guys informed if it happens again....Has anyone had this kind of sound drop with the funny noise I mentioned? HD=Voom
Sound Problems

I had the same funny sound coming from Rush over the weekend, a segment would end with crummy sound, go to the infomercials about Rush where the sound would be ok then when the program came back on the sound would be ok, then the sound would go out again, like listening through celophane, info mercial sound ok, program back on sound ok, or I could switch channels come back to Rush and the sound would be ok, the sound would go bad so I would switch channels, then back to Rush and the sound would be ok?
I don't have the audio drop-out problem. I have mine set-up as "Dolby Digital" and the compression set to "no-compression." When compression was set to "Hi-Fi (light)" I believe I could hear very tiny nuances occasionally. Btw, my box is connected to my Onkyo TX-DS777 Receiver with a Monster Digital Coax cable. Also, some recievers in this world have been known to be less tolerate of different digital audio sources. For example, I know Onkyo had a probem last year on some of their receivers having audio drop-outs when connected to certain sources (i can't remember the problem sources). They had to do a recall to replace a board chip to correct the problem.

The audio has improved last night and the pq also....I think all along it was what happened to the signal from Voom this last weekend...causing audio and picture quality to degrade....I hope that have fixed and solved their problem . I think that Wilt said it would improve last night and it Did! HD=Voom

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