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Apr 14, 2004
I have been lurking in the background for a tad bit and finally decided to chime up. I have a SONY 51" RPHDTV and a decent 5.1 system. Im an HDTV virgin and Im looking forward to fixing that :cool:

Im seeing alot of PQ posts on the front page that seem to be quite the stir. Im really not that concerned as Im using Cox cable and the PQ could NOT get any worse. Im going to be ordering V* shortly. I was showing the girlfriend the channel lineup and such and she got all excited when she saw the PlayboyHD. The last time I saw the PB channel it was REALLY worthless. My question is have they changed the programming any, or is it still the same old edited hardcore movies that keep looping so that they never actually show anything interesting? If this is still the case I would rather blow 15 bucks on one of the HBOish packages. Can anyone confirm or deny this?


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Nov 6, 2003
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PlayboyHD is actually PlayboyHotHD and it's worth it. If you and your gal like to watch other people getting it on, you'll love this channel, they show all but the $$ shot. They also have some of the traditional PB stuff like, Video Centerfold, Girl Next Door, etc. They have a show called Nooner where a guy and a gal take live phone calls and perform the acts requested while the caller gets off on watching them.

Forgot to add: they have new, original movies in HD format. The live studio stuff is 16:9 HD and looks great while some of the older stuff is upconverted but still looks very good. I am viewing on a 110" screen so you can believe me when I say the image is very crisp. Nothing like a pair of 8' boobies on my wall. :D

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