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Aug 9, 2011
Please note that we have installed e2 on our azbox hd premium +.Now we want to switch back to official firmware.We have tried the following step:
How to install the firmware on USB Officer:
Insert a USB Stick (512MB min) and turn nell'AzBox
Decompress the compressed file: "FW4USB"
Start AZUp v.2.xx
Enter the IP adress dell'AZBox
On AzUp press "GO!"In the block Install Official FW

Load 'vmlinux'And'patch.alt'Unpacked from the archive
Wait until the end of the procedure
After restart - enjoy
But after restart system crash error 2 appears on the upgrade screen.Please also note that when we turn off/on the power it will again go back to e2 firmware.Would somebody fully guide us on how to remove e2 and recover back to official firmware.

Thanks in advance


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Jan 28, 2010
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hi shano12. it sounds like you're trying to load E2 RC5 whch is a poor FW choice. I would
download the RTi Core v1.0 Enigma2 OS. Inside that is a file folder called "Back To Official". Inside that folder is a patch.e2 file that will allow E2 in your Az box to reload official FW. Reboot your AZ into E2 then put it in rescue mode and run AZUP2 and flash/load the back to official patch.e2 file. then put whatever version official FW you want to run onto the USB stick. put the USB into the AZ and reboot it. Then reload the official FW.

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