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That is very strange, I do the same (rename and move) and have no problems (well, every now and then it "decides" to re-sort them all alphabetically, but a quick re-load of the back-up file corrects that). EDIT: Forgot that the channel list will sometimes re-sort from oldest to newest (after showing all the channels in all gray) if when coming out of Settings you press the OK button to bring up the channel list too soon (before the channel info is shown). So you wait, or have to re-load in the back-up file!

I did (finally) find a copy of the Priority Manager (with directions to install) at a safe site, under their AZBox listing in FTA Set Top Box Files/Utilities.

Good luck!
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Just tried to download that Priority Manager from that site you listed and got this:

You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

I've tried to join there a couple of times in the past but never got a confirmation Email and the account was never activated? Must have been my breath??

Got a new wrinkle for you on the record/playback of those high bit rate NBC feeds. Neither box will record and or playback those? It does regular stuff OK but not the high bit rate ones. But here's the real bite in the shorts, yesterday evening I formatted the PVR drive in FAT32 then proceeded to record a 10 minute segment on a standard rate program on 97W using the Micro HD. Then I did the same thing with one of those NBC feeds on 103W. Booted up the Ultra and connected that FAT32 drive to it and tried to play both recordings. It gave me a blank black page with no sound on the 97W feed BUT IT DID PLAY THE ONE FROM NBC?? Talk about a WTF moment???

I guess I need to step away from this before I get violent! Here's what happened to a leaf blower I had that was a b*tch to start and I rubbed a blister on my finger trying that last time and then went and got the sledge hammer! :eek:

You can try to join again (maybe this time it will work!) or download the file from the alternative site I just PM'd to you.

That is indeed strange that the AZBox would play the NBC feed recorded by the MicroHD (and not the 97W one). First off, didn't think they were compatible in the way they record. It does show that the AZBox will play a high rate recording, so the problem may lie only in the recording by the AZBox of the NBC feeds.

Does the AZBox Ultra have problems recording the PBS East or West feeds (other than the time won't display, but the playback is fine)?

And keep that sledgehammer well away from the AZBoxes! LOL!
Just did a bit of searching and found this thread:

5303 was the first firmware where NBC would record without problems (so the 5020 in your Ultra won't work). But, if you check my post #26 you can see that an old glitch had re-surfaced with renaming channels, my post does included the workaround. The glitch would not be fixed until 5400 / 5402.
Keith, found this just now doing a Google search. Note post #6, 7 concerning the high bit rate recordings.

Still having major problems with the channel list corruption in both AZs and was actually thinking of trying to install Enigma 2 on them? Have you tried this?

Also read where there were a bunch of these Ultra boxes that had eeprom problems so I wonder about that also. If that's the case, then my Elite has the same problem?
That thread was just after they released 5303 firmware, which for me (and others) meant I had no problems recording the high bit rates on channels such as the NBC feeds on 103 Ku. I don't have C band, so don't know about other high bit rate feeds that may still have been causing problems, but any of the Ku band feeds (such as NBC or PBS) I had no problems with. 5400/5402 firmware with the Priority Manager plugin setting also allowed for improved recording with a slight speed-up (not using the hardware acceleration switch) and HDD cache.

I know you have had channel list corruption in the past, and recall you figured out a fix, see this thread:

See my post (#4) which leads back to the fix you found.

No, I have never installed Enigma 2 on my Azbox, no would I, as it always seemed to be a step backwards to me. It was more for the European market, and I don't know whether they finally got a half decent blindscan plugin or not, but blindscan was not a major concern in Europe, and so was not a priority for those working on it.

Anyhow, if the above doesn't fix your channel list corruption, then describe what exactly happens when and how it gets corrupted, as maybe we can figure that out.
Keith, I've got something "in the works" but unfortunately I won't likely have any info available until sometime late next week when the part gets here, ie, I'm of the opinion that this issue I'm having isn't just a corrupt channel list! More later. :oldwink

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