Bad Night for Voom


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Mar 1, 2004
I'm not having fun tonight.

For some reason I have lost my OTA signals completely.

Downstairs on my HDTV the box has also crashed a few times.

Upsatairs on my SDTV I have no locals and no satellite channels.

The funny part is the system status.

My satellite quality is 2147483647 (yep!) -- It's usually around 40.

My Over the air quality = 0

My Satellite Power = 100 (usually around 55)

And my over the air power = 2147483647 (whoa!)

I've tried power cycling, and unplugging but nothing is working.

"I'll tell you why the OTA channels aren't working," says my wife. "Because you switched to this piece of s&*% satellite service."

Oh oh.
Oh snap, I realized why my OTA is out. I looked outside at my roof-top antenna and it's turned all the way around in the wrong direction. It's windy out tonight.

Dang, I wonder if there is a way for me to make it stay put. I'll have to fix it tomorrow because the weather isn't condusive to roof climbing today.

And I just re-unplugged my upstairs STB and the numbers are much more normal looking now (besides the 0 OTA power) and the satellite channels are back.
rollerfink said:
And my over the air power = 2147483647 (whoa!)

Funny that this is the same thing I have in the stb that was replaced last saturday. Difference is that my OTA antenna is pointing in the right direction and my 6000u confirms that my OTA is coming through yet on the VOOM stb I get nada over the air. Satellite is ok but no OTA.
Hopefully Voom will have the software fixed on these receivers instead of scheduling service calls for all of us. There are to many of us having the same problem for it to be individual bad receivers.

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