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Nov 28, 2004
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I want to get back into FTA. I'd like to get the PBS feeds, 4K feeds, DVB-S2, and IPTV.

Which receiver do yunz recommend?



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Aug 9, 2004
Welcome back, yes I see you have not posted in awhile.
Tricky question at this point in time.
No body has yet to produce a solid 4K receiver that does everything else fine.
I have a couple different flavors here and one I am testing, but alas it is not yet ready for prime time itself. :(

If you are wanting something that is good at IPTV and DVB-S2 in general. .... Side note, almost all signals have went to DVB-S2 now.
The Manhattan 1978 would be a good choice if you do not have motors in the mix, the 1978 still needs work on this.
Also the Linkbox 9000i would be a good choice. Neither do 4K, but are good performers.
Both can be found at
For 4K I would so some searching on the site and read some of the past recent posts on 4K.
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Aug 29, 2015
I like the linkbox 9000I and I have the local version that adds terestrial as well as the dvbs2. Though depending on the IPTV you want to do it doesnt do that very well but out of all the receivers I do have I like it the most. the more I use it the more i like certain features it has and its easy to use. If you have a good name brand ku motor it will work fine for that but doesnt play nice with the off brand ku motors. Also its picky about what DiSEqC switches it will play nice with (It dont like any of the pansat switches i have). The linkbox works perfectly with my asc-1, and have had zero issues with it on c-band except the issues many boxes have with signals on 101w. Id reccomend one of these receivers highly.

If i were you Id hold off on buying a 4k receiver, unless you just have to have one. I have the wetek play 2 and put simply as a satellite receiver it sucks. Wont even demod all of the 4k signals out there. There is a K2 box that does 4k but again not the greatest tuner and not very user friendly however does appear to perform a bit better then the wetek. Both have ok IPTV capabilities but depending on what you want to do as far as IPTV is concerned id reccomend either a roku4 (for 4k IPTV) or if you are after KODI the Nvidia Sheild. Hopefully this year we will see a decent 4k receiver with a little better user interface and a better offering of IPTV capabilities.
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