before cold weather hits

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Jan 25, 2011
I was out today wrapping up my pc tower outdoor box with some thick plastic wrap to keep the snow off of it. what are some of your projects before winter?


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First, take out the tomato and pepper plants now that they're kaput. I might switch back from a motorized 90cm to three LNBs plus a second dish (91, 97, 103, 125) so long as I can convince the wife that it's a good idea.

The biggest task will be contacting Linkbox and finding out a way to fix the clock issue on my 9000i, or possibly switch back to the X2. I'll have all winter for that.
A PC outside is very dangerous. The fans need to circulate the air, and the moisture around a 120V power source can cause an electrical shock or fire.

kittyhas1000legs, if you switch back to fixed dishes, you will not have to worry about motor problems in the cold and ice, and better yet, no switching time between satellites.
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It will be my first winter with the motor, but I'm in the desert so ice shouldn't be a problem. The main issue is the channels I want. I'd prefer 91/95/103 plus 125, but the LNBs I have won't allow for the four degree spacing. I can deal with not having CCTV Documentary so long as I have my NHK and news feeds.
I forgot to mention that it's just an empty case so I can store my switches keeps the rainwater and snow from getting on them better than a $200 outdoor box.
I put my Wave Frontier T90 up on the shed a couple weeks ago. Now I have my Amiko receiver amd my linear lnbs on order. Gotta get everything put together before the cold. Going to purchase an outdoor pvc electrical box to house my switches from the elements.
Will attach some photos soon.
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