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Jun 26, 2017
College Station TX
Hi! I have a few questions about FTA channels. So, here's a few...
Qubo - After hours, around 10 CDT, they air Rupert... The nostalgia, from when I was only 5, is killing me. I also recorded certain shows on this channel for my neighbors, I used to be able to get this over ION KPXD in Rockwall, TX. I moved, and there is no ION station here. The only transponders with ION and Qubo are C-band. I am KU only. Is this available on Ku band, and where?

MeTV - My parents like this, and so do I (only for the Star Trek!!)

Antenna TV - Like MeTV, but a few more shows

Those are all for now - thanks for your help!
ION mux (Qubo) is fairly strong. Would a mini-bud work for you? How big is your Ku dish? Could you fit a conical scalar and C-Band LNBF on it?
I don't know what a mini bud is, but if it can receive C-band and it's fairly small it would work
Mini-bud is a term applied to offset Ku dishes like yours, fitted with C-Band LNBFs to receive high power C-Band channels. Some folks are limited on the size of dish they can put up and will try to get what they can with the mini-bud route. A member here " danristheman " is proficient in mini-bud use. ;) Search his posts.
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So, would this work on my GeoSatPro?
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Yes, and you might be able to receive one or two stations on 99w depending on the beam strength where you are located, but that's about it. Mini-bud should really be at least a 4 foot dish MINIMUM, otherwise you are just fooling yourself. You will NOT receive any DVB-S2 transponders with a mini-bud.
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Only time was the abc transponder on 99w was booming at 70 to 75q its a 9/10 ratio. Picked it up for 10 days.
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