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Dec 18, 2003
I have started out with Vu close to 7 years ago. My first HD reciever was the early expressvu 5000, a very limited unit to bell from dish and then came the 6000, had that for over two years then went on to the 6100 and that was the best machine by far even if dish customers didn't like there 811, it boils down to software on that machine. Then I bought the 9220 and wow what a unit, I am using this unit on a sony 34inch HDTV tube 16:9 unit and the picture is outstanding on HDTV and DTV!

I bought starchoice basicly for channel 555, still not on Vu. There HDTV line up just kept getting better so I decided to keep the DSR500. When I bought the new sony wega 3LCD 16:9 HDTV downstairs, I picked up a DSR505 for the price and with the recent software update and now turnedon HDMI connection on the unit the picture is out of this world!!

At one point I had voom here in Canada and was most likely a few Canadians who had it because of the lack of HD, but now I can say VU and Starchoice are great options for the HD freaks like me!! You can not go wrong with either platform, they both have there pro's and con's, so I thought why not have both!!


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Oct 20, 2004
the clock feature on that sc 505 i think it is
Thats awesome
havent seen that in years, since analog cable scientific atlanta boxes had that feature
evry sat box should have the osd clock
does the sc 530 have the osd clock?

those pics look real good!

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