Bell ExpressVU testing MPEG4 stream on 82W

Now ExpressVU on track of testing DP411/ViP211.

PID: 0855h, ID: UNTC, FW: AAF1, Model: DP411
Sat Aug 04 13:44:08 2007

Seems to me it is not MPEG-4 testing, but latest Dish receivers and cards.
So BEV don't test MPEG 4 at this time ???

I can't see how EV can add the number of HD channels they need to stay competitive without MPEG 4.
"Half of 82W transponders are cold. If they will turn it on ... "

Need to remember that the original Nimiq 2 suffered a power supply problem shortly after laubch abd therefore isn't capable of utilizing all of the transponders.

So BEV don't test MPEG 4 at this time ???
Yes they are still testing, and the fact that they added expressVu support for the 411/211 MPEG4 receiver to the stream shows us they are gearing up for MPEG4.

I am still hearing that sometime this fall some new HD channels will be available on ExpressVu only available in MPEG4 (Don't worry receivers will be available when these channels become available) :)
BTW I just saw this today in the latest edition of Tele-Satellite Magazine.

Looks like their timing if off just a little, but it is a hint at whats to come. :)

(I posted hints about this at a Canadian forum a few weeks ago and I got blasted for giving this info)


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I don't know if the forum your talking is Digital Home, but there's a lot of troll at this place, so forget about it.

Your information is very precious.

I don't know how much transponder ExpressVu will use for MPEG 4 but they need to add a lot of channels :

  • Showcase HD
  • National Geographic HD
  • MMore HD
  • TVA HD (french)
  • TQS HD (french)
  • RDS HD (french) - available in october for Habs hockey game.
That's 6 channels minimum...
That can be done with MPEG4 and use less then one transponder. :)

Correct me if i'm wrong but Bell put actually 2 HD channels per TP, they can double the number with MPEG 4, so go with 4 HD channels per TP.

If they go with 8PSK and MPEG 4, they can pass from 2 HD channels per TP to 6 HD channels per TP.

That's right ?
I have no signals from those on my coax cable/LNBF, using spectrum analyzer - that's the math.

Sounds like a receiving equipment problem.... 31 out of 32 DBS circular polarity transponders are coming in "loud and clear" on 82W.
P Smith
You must be in an area where the "crapelite" doesn't reach :)

Here in MN I'm seeing 31 TP's lit up when I did a blind scan. All I got was the HD Demo channel but it registered 31 TP's
No fresh news about new MPEG 4 receivers and MPEG 4 HD channels ?

I hope to see new HD channels soon...Especially in october when RDS HD comes available.
Almost 2 months ago now that Scott announced the new receivers and MPEG 4 channels.

Do you have fresh news about this? Bell already promised RDS HD, TVA HD and TQS HD (3 in French) + CBC HD West.

And it misses Showcase HD, National Geographic HD, MMore HD, The Score HD + Allarco arrives in October with Superchannels and 2 HD channels

I hope they will release new MPEG 4 receivers soon and a package of MPEG 4 channels.
Nothing new that I know about other than a TP with 4 MPEG4 channels testing. Unfortunately the streams are encrypted.

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