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Jun 26, 2017
College Station TX
My friend has a large 7.5-foot Channel Master Mesh C-band dish he would like to get rid of. If I got it, assembled it and aimed it, would it work with a new DVB-S2 receiver? Is the odd-looking LNB just a regular C-band LNB in a black capsule? Just wanting to make sure I don't need another box. I do not care about the actuator, I can move the dish myself when I want to go to another satellite.

EDIT: Just wanting to know if the LNB on it would work reliably for C-band DIGITAL. The only Analog C-band nowadays is some State of Virginia VSEN (presumably education stuff, Virginia Satellite Education Network) channel, and C-SPAN
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Chances are very good that it will. The only way to tell for certain would be if you can post up a picture of the lnb/lnbf or a model number off of it.
There was a YouTube video someone made with the exact same type of dish and exact same LNB, and they stated they got MeTV on it (in digital) and they watch Star Trek on it :p
Cspan is it for analog. AMC 11 at 131w transponder 7 vertical
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