AMIKO Blind Scan vs Manual Scan


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Jul 19, 2020
Whats the difference between Blind Scan, Manual Scan, Transponder Scan, and Single Scan on the amiko hd mini 265?

What js NIT search? Its greyed out during blind scan.

How do you import and export the list of satellites onto a flash drive for the Amiko HD Mini 265? And where do you insert a smart card like it says it supports on the box?

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By understanding is blindscan will scan from the lowest local oscillator frequency to the highest and log all of the channels it can receive in that range.

Manual scan will scan the parameters for a certain transponder in its stored list and log channels on that transponder.
There may be options to insert your own parameters to customize the scan.

Transponder scan is just that. You scan a single transponder and if there are options on how you want to scan it, you can set them.

Single scan should have options but simply " The box checks for free channels on all transponders".

I don't have your receiver but NIT, or Network Scan, sometimes worked king of funky on my FTA receivers.
"Basically if the network scan option is ticked the receiver will not only scan the frequency it is set for but will scan every other frequency available for channels. It is effectively scanning for bouquets or networks although of course a network can have more than one bouquet. Once it grabs a network ID it then scans in all the other channels or bouquets on that network. It is useful as it is like a halfway house between a blind scan and a frequency scan.

For example if you want to tune in to the whole Nova package,which is spread over three or four transponders,you type in one of the frequencies,say 10.930 and it will scan all the transponders linked to that network so then you get the whole package first in the list of channels,then it usually carries on scanning the rest of the satellite. I'm not sure it will find all channels on the satellite though,as a blind scan would(and takes longer)."

For the rest of your questions Google is your friend.

Good Luck!
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Watch these videos, they will help you out if you are new to FTA and this box. :)


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