Bottom/Top and/or sides are chopped off???


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Sep 25, 2006
Recently, I have noticed my TV ( I mostly notice it watching sports where there is a sports ticker at the bottom) cuts off the bottom and or top and sides, its like it is zoomed in on the picture.....I'll be the first to admit I am not an expert on the whole 720, 1080 4:3 16:9 stuff, but I have HDTV from TWC and have a Panasonic 53" projection TV and up till now has worked great. The TV is still watchable, just annoying, just wondered if anyone had an idea where and what settings I should look at.....:D



Dec 28, 2005
Florence SC
I don't know what kind of time warner remote you have, but with mine if you hit the# key it will zoom 1 then zoom 2 then normal. You may have hit this button by mistake if it works on your remote. It sounds like the first zoom on my remote, also you should have a picture size button or you can go in your menu to picture or setup for your tv and change it to the right look.
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