c-band lnbf issue

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Sep 17, 2004
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I have a 8.5 foot sami big dish (mesh) it's new. I was using the asc-421 c-band lnbf (13 degree). shortly after buying it the vertical output failed. It would only receive horizontal signals. I checked coax voltage and it was correct even under load.

I purchased an astrotel 20 degree c-band lnbf which came with a new scaler ring. I installed it, aligned focal point and focal depth. fine tuned skew.

on my fortec ultra a couple of my old signal quality levels are as follows as compared with the new signal quality levels with the astrotel.

G-10R (c-band) outdoor channel -4182H asc-421=83% astrotel=75-90%

amc-7 (c-band) alaska Mux - (can't remeber tp freq)H 49% solid no fluctuations.

The astrotel has a lot of fluctuation up and down on quality where as the asc-421 was rock solid for the most part.

Is this a difference in dro stability, noise temp, or my error? :)

Thanks trucker


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Feb 9, 2005
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When my Pansat arrives I'll be able to post a comparison of the ASC421 vs the Norsat 8115. The ASC421 is 13° vs the Norsat at 15° but I expect the stability of the Norsat to be a big factor.

For fun I'll probably also compare the numbers with the CalAmp LNBs that are currently on my C/Ku feedhorn.
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