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Sep 19, 2014
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Looks like all C-band Dish Dealers, Manufactures are gone.!
I did a Google search, came up with nothing.

Here's another place you might try. Welcome to orbitcommunicatiopns.com, Online retailers of Dish Network Systems and the home of HDTV and C-Band products. I hadn't been on their site for a while, but when you click on buy now, it takes you to the cart and asks for a credit card. They were in Sudbury, MA. Some of the guys in here could tell you if they are still in business of if this is a ghost site that's never been taken off the internet. :) If you can get a dish off there, that would be a good start.


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Jul 23, 2005
Unfortunately today for the casual hobbiest on a budget it's either going to be sourcing a local dish that is not being used anymore or Tek2000. Yes, I know there are a variety of fixed az/el mount dishes for those interested in a single satellite that you can buy off of ebay and other places but for most of us if you want a polar mount and an actuator to go from satellite to satellite that is the case.

Tek's dishes are sourced from China as are most of the ones available new today except for commercial quality dishes. I'm 'satisfied' with my dish but then again you do pretty much get what you pay for. With careful installation and paying attention to detail it should last quite awhile but it's not the heavy duty beast's of yesteryear unless you want to pony up a few thousand dollars or more for one of the domestic made ones. It is what it is.
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