Calibrating an 42" LCD?


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Nov 26, 2006
I have a nice 42 LG LCD TV, but i noticed that 1 the whites are too bright, and sometimes they just overwelm my eyes in bright white. Arrested Development is a good example, the beginning intros are just tooo white.. and some skin tones just seem wrong. also, some of the black areas just seem to have no detail.

I wanted to get one of thoes puck things, but I dont know how that would work.

ideas, websites I can read up on this stuff.

STV Pro is great solution....though it is not for everybody (I was on the design team).

First, it has a retail of $599, so that will rule some people out right off the bat.

2nd, it allows for cut and drive adjustments, but not all displays have cut and drive adjustments in the user menues. Many service menus are available but are some times tricky to enter and even trickier to navigate. In some instances you can even physically destroy your display by changing the wrong parameter while in the service mode.

3rd, it relies on the "spyder hardware", which is a nice "entry level" piece of measurement hardware. Some people desire a higher level of measurement accuracy so they hire calibrators with that type of hardware: specifically, the Gray tag Macbeth Spectro, Minolta CS200, or Photo Research PR 650.


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