Cant Get Rid of Screen Nag


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No matter where I go on the forum I get this screen nag.As you can see by attached photo I have deleted my adblocker and I am logged in.
Also I am NOT seeing any ads.
I'm wondering if there is a privacy browser setting for this or not. I'm having this issue on more and more websites but those nag screens say"powered by Admiral" and I've never gotten anywhere with their support.
And ideas? (2) DISH Network Support Forum _ SatelliteGuys.US - Google Chrome 5_11_2024 11_56_24 AM.png
Ok hopefully it is gone now.

I do want that to show to guests, but to those who took the time to register and login I don't want them to see that. In addition all ads that the registered members see they are ONLY Google Adsense ads, which I consider very safe ads.

For unreigstered they also see ads from other networks. Those are needed as the adsense does not pay the bills (and honestly the other ones do not anymore either)

Here are our stats for today as of the time I am typing this.

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 6.30.06 PM.png

Over the past few months while traffic is about the same we have gone from over $8 a day and now we are down to $3(ish) a day.

For registered members I tried my best to place the ads where they are not annoying, but they still show.

As I said before I don't get paid to run this place, sometimes it costs me to keep it going.

So you can see why the push to get those visitors to turn off their ad blockers and I just hope that registered mmbers will turn off their blockers as well. And the only reason I want people to register (we do not sell user data) is so that if they are registered and logged in they are more likely to post and reply and participate in the forum. The more people who participate, the better the site is. :)

We do offer the site ad free with Pub Memberships, which gives you access to more Pub Member only forums such as the politics forum (which I try to avoid like the plague) :) and our New Electric Car forum has really taken off.

But as far as the ads go you can see they are a necessary evil. We have to pay our bills. :)