CBS Detroit Lost Signal Message When 60 Minutes Starts


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Dec 8, 2007
Just noticed the last two weeks that the signal for CBS Detroit is lost when 60 Minutes is due to start. Last week I just chalked it up to my temporarily losing the signal to F2. But it went out again just as the show was going to start. The signal just came back up when the Mission Impossible movie started. I'm in Southern California.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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I believe this happens because 60 Minutes is also telecast in Canada, simultaneously, on CHCH (see link below.) When a program is telecast simultaneously like that, Shaw will substitute the signal from the Detroit station with the signal from CHCH so that those watching the program on the Detroit station will see Canadian commercials (instead of American ones) during the breaks.

Unfortunately, CHCH's signal comes from the Anik G1 satellite whose footprint does not include Southern California. Therefore, when you attempt to tune in to the Detriot station during 60 Minutes' time slot, your receiver attempts to tune to CHCH, which it fails to do, and you will see a "lost signal" message on your screen.

This policy is called a "simsub" and happens when a given episode of a given program is broadcast simultaneously on an American station and a Canadian station.

CHCH was moved to Anik G1 as part of the transition to MPEG-4 signals that was completed last fall. Prior to that, it was on one of the other two satellites and would have been visible in California.

60 Minutes - CHCH
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Mar 20, 2007
SD's simSub policy has also includes local Canadian channels. When I'm in southern provinces (Calgary is my home base) and want to watch City Edmonton, SD switches me to City Calgary and I loose the signal. I noticed this all last winter when I was south. Any station that was showing the same programming as Calgary would switch to the Calgary feed.

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