Channel Master 84E or Geosatpro 90CM/36IN?

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Dec 9, 2016
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Which dish would give me better reception? Also should I just hold off and buy a bigger dish than both of these for KU?

Take a drive on the back roads in the country sometime and look for the older 4-foot round Primestar dishes. Primestar has been out of business for years, so if you see one, it is almost certainly not being used, and if you know on the door and ask nicely or leave a polite note if no one's home, sometimes the owner will just give you the dish, or sell it for ten bucks. If you can actually find one in good shape, those are better than any you can buy. You have to look for them because often bushes or trees have grown in front of them; it has been that long since the service was active!
At this point in the hobby you should consider as many dishes as you can reasonably put up. Gaining experience with each install. FTA components are similar to working with Legos , There are infinite ways to assemble them for each individuals needs. The more parts you have the more you can realize what can be done. The sky is the limit ;)
Impakt Order.jpg

So, do I need two Aspens 270's like whats in this picture? Also do I need anything else to set this dish up?

Thanks guys!
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It comes with a two section pole, but no mount. The lower part of the pole seems to be made to bury in cement. I just bolted mine to a NPRM, and added a muffler clamp and two pieces of 1/2" conduit as braces between muffler clamp and NPRM. It's a really nice dish! Just pick two of your favorite satellites that are 6 degrees apart to aim at and you're good to go! :)
If your going to spend $162 I would almost just pay an extra $85 and get a geosatpro 120cm dish :)

Both dish's CM 84E and GS 90cm are good choices in my mind.
The reason i was looking at the CM84E is that i think I can put two LNBF on the dish? Not really sure if this is true or not. Just based on reading and thinking that I can. No one has confirmed this for me to date. Now I get what you saying about the 120cm dish but that still leads me back to the question if I can get two LNBF's on one dish or not. Sure i see multi LNB brackets on eBay but not really any info on if they will fit the geosatpros or not?

Is their a thread on here someone can link me too for multi lnb setups and what will and will not work? I just want to get the most bang for the buck.

I also see a 7ft dish kinda local to me that's in the 300.00 price range. Sorry for being such a pain...

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